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Spoiler Alert: Meri Sasu Maa and Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki

Meri Sasu Maa: Satti and Shona’s hatred will be go to a different level as Sattu will be expelled from college for three days, due to a mistake committed by Shona. Shona will tear off the pages of Sattu’s project and keep something else, which will result in Sattu getting embarrassed before his teachers. This will lead to him getting expelled for three days

Interestingly, Pari will be give the task to expel Sattu for the given period of time. Pari will realize that Shona is behind all of this. She will get angry with Shona and stop talking to her. At the same time, Pari and Sattu will have a sweet moment at home wherein Pari will seek forgiveness for expelling him.

Later, Sattu will vow to get back at Shona and will ask Pari not to interfere in whatever he does to Shona in college on his return.

Kasam: Tanu is shocked knowing Pawan’s truth and refuses to marry him, breaks marriage alliance with Pawan.Bani is upset as she wants her daughter Neha to get married to Rishi but he loves Tanu.Rishi is happy seeing Tanu breaking marriage alliance with Pawan as his chances for Tanu increases.

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