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Spoiler Alert: Krishnadasi and Swaragini

Krishnadasi: Aradhya takes out gun to shoot Jaiyraj but Jairaj snatches it and tries to kill Aradhya but Aryan comes in between of them and gets shot.Aryan’s family gathers the spot seeing Aryan dead and Aryan’s dad burst out at Jairaj for killing Aryan.

Aryan then wakes up and tells everyone that it was his and Aradhya’s plan to expose Jairaj to them.Jairaj is exposed to Aryan’s family but he will not keep silence for more time.

Swaragini: Swara is very much happy as promises to Kisan that they will be win surely.But Swara’s happiness does not go longer because Sahil’s plan exposes Kisan’s reality being Sanskaar.Swara gets broken down and angry believing as Sanskaar played with her emotions.Swara angrily walks on road and Sanskaar tries to stop her and lifted her forcibly in his arms.

Swara burst out at Sanskaar and pushes him against car.Swara warns Sanskaar not try to come in front of her

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