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Spoiler Alert: Dahleez and Tashan-E-Ishq

Tashan-E-Ishq: Twinkle and Yuvi’s marriage days arrives and marriage rituals starts, Twinkle is doing it just for her family.

Twinkle still loves Kunj and has told Yuvi that she would never be able to accept him as husband.Kunj reaches the Sarna house when Twinkle-Yuvi got married, Kunj is shattered seeing this.Kunj thus feels betrayed and plans revenge against Yuvi for trapping his family.

Dahleez: Swadheenta finds about money transfer in Manohar and ministers account done by Allan Broad.

Swadheenta raises this point in court tell about her doubt on system, says that someone is trying to trap Jilani.Suhasini goes against Swadheenta and tries hard to save Manohar from thus accusations.Swadheenta now joins hand with police to find the real culprit Arvind Gupta.

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