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5 reasons why we love “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste” Shravan and Suman

Amazing Chemistry


Shravan and Suman are just perfect together. Be it a fight sequence or a romantic scene, the two are just so real with it. The two are not like the typical saas-bahu show leads and less dramatic. Their chemistry is absolutely crackling.

Off-screen rapport

Not only onscreen, but Namik and Nikita share an amazing chemistry offscreen as well. The two keep posting pictures of them on their Instagram and spend a lot of time together. Their Cute, Friendly Nok-Jhoks
They are the perfect friends who call each other names like sadu and makes it and displays a strong bond of friendship.

Support and encourage each other

Shravan and Suman have become a favourite TV couple amongst the viewers and people love to watch them together. The two actors, who share a great bond together, also help each other while shooting and are each other’s critics.

Fresh Pair

The two are known for their crackling chemistry and make extra efforts to bond together. Their height difference makes it more cuter and adorable.

Look great together

The two look like they are meant to be together. The way they look into each other’s eyes and deliver dialogues, well it seems like they don’t have to work that hard on it, it comes automatically to them. Both of them are extremely good looking and perfectly complement each other.

6 thoughts on “5 reasons why we love “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste” Shravan and Suman

  1. Absolutely correct… in every Track they have proved themselves as a great Jodi ….love or hate in both situations…they make very Supportive…

  2. Well, There are hundreds of reasons for “Why we love EDKV”
    1) The star cast of the show is so amazing.
    2) The story is too good & interesting.
    3) Title Tracks are just awesome ❤
    4) Main leads are brilliantly paired 😘
    5) And everyone performs greatly.
    It’s the Best show! ❤❤❤❤

  3. Yaa I agre with kriti gandotra I really love ek duje ke vaaste and namik Nikita world of best pair…..

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