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Spoiler Alert: Kumkum Bhagya and Kasam

Kasam: According to his horoscope, Rishi will have to get married before his 23rd birthday making his life safe.Panditji tells them that Rishi and Tanu’s marriage will make Rishi’s life safe.Rishi and his family still know Neh aas Tanu so they decide to get married Rishi and Tanu on the same Tanvi and Pawan’s marriage day.

Panditji has doubts on Neha and Pwan as he knows about their truth.On the wedding day, Tanvi’s truth as being real Tanu get exposed which will unite Rishi and Tanu.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi is sad thinking about Pragya and Champak’s relationship which makes Pragya shattered as she cannot see Abhi in that condition.Abhi and Pragya get drenched in rain where Abhi feels cold.Pragya is an ideal wife and cannot see her husband in pain so she makes him relief by putting his leg in warm water.Abhi is confused over Pragya’s behavior and decides to clear his doubts.

Abhi pretends of getting friendly with Tanu in front of Pragya where he asks Tanu to feed him sandwich.Praya jealous seeing Abhi’s inclination towards Tanu and Abhi smiles thinking Pragya still loves him that is why she is jealous seeing him with Tanu.

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