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#SpoilerAlert: Swaragini and it’s upcoming twist

Gear up for an intresting track in the upcoming episodes of Swaragini…

As per the current track, Swara informs Ragini that she needs some time and will contact her later. Later, Swara notices a man about to jump from a bridge and rushes to stop him. She finds out the reason behind his suicidal attempt and decides to help him fulfil his promise.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Sahil will get irked seeing Swara getting closer to someone else, Sahil will be desperate about Swara.

Sahil will now plan to find Kisan’s truth to separate and keep Swara-Kisan away from each other.Sahil will soon find Kisan’s identity truth and will try to expose him before Swara.

Let’s see will Sahil gets successful in his evil plan to create problems amid Swara-Kisan.

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