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Spoiler Alert: Jamai Raja and Dahleez

Jamai Raja:News channels telecast reports that the CEO of Mauve magazine Ragini Desai was found in her office in a drugged condition. This shocks the people who know her.Neil, in a state of anger, punches Sid. Roshni endeavours to defend Sid, which stuns people close to Neil as they wonder why she is shielding Sid.

Neil has started putting efforts to woo his lady love Roshni and gifts flowers to her.Roshni feels awkward seeing Neil changed avatar, but also couldn’t say anything to him.

Let’s see will this make Roshni realize that she still loves Sid and can’t live without him.

Dahleez: Swadheenta doubt’s Yash’s statement and tries to reinterrogate him, but Yash keeps to his words.

Suhasini and Swadheenta are against each other for Abhay-Asad, Swadheenta now decides to find truth.Court gives three days time to Swadheenta to present clues against Arvind Gupta, Swadheenta goes to crime location.Swadheenta gets some clues against Arvind Gupta at the terrorist bomb blast crime location.

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