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Whatever I am today I am because of my mom – Adaa Khan

Adaa Khan who played lead in Naagin won an award. She says, ” I felt nice it’s like when you hard work gets rewarded you actually feel really happy.  I think for any actor appreciation is something really important as we all put in a lot of hard work day and night. Naagin was not a very easy show, working in the jungles, from the costumes to the kind of places we worked in wasn’t easy. Being appreciated and being liked for your performance is definitely good feeling.This is my second award for Naagin and and earlier I was awarded for tv show Amrit Manthan”.

On being asked what public adulation means to you  she says, ” I guess it’s very important for all the actors. Every actor wants that people should admire and appreciate and love you for your work. Comedy Nights Bachao and Naagin have been good milestone in my career. The  entire look is being liked by people and they consider me as a sexy Naagin and I want to thank  Ekta (Kapoor)  Maam as my look and character is her visualization. Comedy Nights Bachao is totally different show  where the look is different  and I am just playing me. Shesha in Naagin is a negative character whereas Comedy Nights Bachao is a totally different genre which is very good for an actor.

On being asked to whom you will give credit of your success she says, ” Whatever I am today  I am  because of my mom and I think God has been very kind to me by giving me good shows and help me move ahead in my career”.

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