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Spoiler Alert: Tashan-E-Ishq and Krishnadasi

Krishnadasi: Aradhya is shattered to know that she has become harmful for her family and can harm anyone.Aradhya asks Aryan ti give divorce to her as she has became trouble for him and his family.Poorva’s plan is actually backfiring on her as Aryan and Aradhya are coming closer to support each other in this incident.

Tashan-E-Ishq: Yuvi has managed to win Sarna family’s trust, Yuvi apologizes for what all his mother did.Yuvi tries to help Twinkle in her business and Sarna family is slowly and slowly accepting Yuvi.Twinkle and Yuvi are also becoming friends and continues with their sweet nok-jhok moments.

There Kunj is in hospital waiting for his plastic surgery and wants to return back to his family.Kunj wants to take revenge from Yuvi for his deeds, will turn Villian to create trouble for Yuvi.

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