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In Pics: Most Popular Actress On Indian Television


Who Is Your Fav. Write In The Comment Box Below…..

31 thoughts on “In Pics: Most Popular Actress On Indian Television

  1. Nikita First already Proved Her self As All Rounder in Sad,Romantic,comic , Action &any Trailing Act With her Natural MindBlowing💓 Flawless Acting👍👌👏Most Amazing & Attractive Actress of Indian📺👍

  2. Sanaya Irani anytime and my new fave Nikita Dutta…though I feel she has a lot to improve at emotional scenes…

  3. Devoleena is the best among all
    she is trp queen

    Saathiya rockzzzz

    it doesn’t need any bhoot aatma for trp

    SNS is more popular SNS scored rating of 17k and is most popular longest running show and is no.1 even its repeat telecast on star utsav. total trp of Saathiya is 18k now and it has scored all time high of 28k even more than IPL but haters get a life

    these shows fans said

    hey said there shows have fan following W*F kinda fan following is this Lol India forum fan following which have only 8-9 lakh registered members and only 8-12k are active is this fan following no no no no a big no how can few thousand or evenlac people can decide fan following of a country with population more than 125 crore the real fan following is the audiencewhich doesn’t come online 99% of trp come from them that’s the real fan following and popularity Gopi Bahu and Kokila are the most popular character on Indian TV even after 6 yrs . I am not sayingthis but the trp is sating this even after 6 super successful years the show is still no.1 on its slot that’s the popularity even after replacement of 3 leads the show is intop 3 always and SNS was/is/always remain the only show to set new records lol before SNS highest trp at 7 pm was 1.5 made by a colors show SNS is the show which has scored more ratings than the IPL yes u read right..During vidyas marriage SNS trp was at 17k on star flush plus around 8-10k on star utsab makes it to 25-27k total and dont be confuse with current trp of SNS trp as it is not 2.7 (barchas changed the raring format a lot) acc. to 1st format this weeks SNS trp is 9.6 acc. to 2nd format its trp is 4 and SNS repeat telecast on star utsav is performingvery well making it 2nd most highest viewed show in villages trp (the point to be noted is that it competes with Jodha Akbar as both the shows airs on the same slot of 8:39 pm) Jodha Akbar is no.1 this week both shows airs at sane slot but still SNS is on spot this is the real popularity , so SNS is the most popular show and its actors has highest fan following not only this the show is no 1 Asian show in UK No.1 SP show in Australia ,acc. to last week rating (don’t know about this week) SNS is very popular in Vietnamese Bangladesh etc countries even after too much crap. tracks the show is still ruling that is the real trp the fact is SNS trp is at 60% then its all time high (20% more than 2nd leap of 2015) but still we are in top 3 The all time low trp of SNS in barc is higher than all time high of 95% Hindi TV shows that’s the real popularity

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