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#SpoilerAlert: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and it’s upcoming twist

Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

As per the current track, Ishita is happy to reconcile with Raman. Later, Ishita and Raman meet Ashok and learn that Ruhaan is none other than Ruhi.Romi accuses Raman and Ishita for Ruhi’s present condition. Meanwhile, Simmi and Amma make arrangements for Ruhi’s return.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes,  Ishita will get restless thinking about Ruhi’s hate for her.Raman is also worried about his daughter Ruhi and will sit near to Ishita seeing her alone in park.

Raman and Ishita will talk about Ruhi and he feels some pain in his back.Ishita will ask Raman to sit and she will massage at his back and he feels relax with her touch.Both Mani and Shagun will get angry and jealous seeing Raman and Ishita comfortable with each other.

Will Mani and Ishita in hand keeping Raman and Ishita away from each other?

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