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Dahleez Unit Shifts Shoot From Delhi To Mumbai

Star Plus’ show Dahleez (Fortune Productions and Colosceum) has grabbed the attention of its viewers with its intense drama and twists in its story line and outstanding performances from the entire cast.

As per latest reports, the cast and crew of Dahleez has now shifted its frontier of shoot from Chhatarpur, Delhi to Mumbai.

The entire unit had been living in a hotel in Chhatarpur for nearly 6-7 months and are ow is excited to be back to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai after many months.

Their location of shoot has apparently been changed to accommodate the court room sequences that will be shot heavily from now on.


According to a source, “The drama ahead will be focussed mainly on the court room drama, and seeking permissions for shooting such intense sequences will be rather easier in Mumbai. Presently, the team is shooting in Film City, Mumbai.”

It is also heard that once the team landed on the set in Mumbai, everyone made sure that the cast and crew get treated with delicious ‘ghar ka khana’ which they had been missing for quite a while.

The team in the last few days has been treated with the best of delicacies, and the men who have specially taken the onus happen to be actors Mohit Chauhan and Amit Behl. While Mohit brings the best of vegetarian food, Behl is a specialist when it comes to the yummy non-vegetarian food.

Tridha confirmed the news saying, “Yes, it is happy to be shooting in Mumbai.”

Meer Ali on his part said, “It feels great to be back in Mumbai. It’s so funny that all of us started to bring in the best of food to the set, once we got back to Mumbai. I personally missed the Mumbai food and the Mumbai climate.”

Aryan Pandit who played Abhay and recently made an exit from the show after death of his character too dropped in to meet and be with the team in Film City, Mumbai over the weekend.


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