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Spoiler Alert: Kumkum Bhagya and Jamai Raja

Jamai Raja: Sid now plans to postpone his and Aanya’s marriage as he loves Roshni and Aanya loves Aarav.Sid takes Aanya, Roshni and Neil for the picnic to spend some romantic moments with Roshni.While Roshni makes Sid jealous by spending time with Neil and tries to come closer to Neil, which makes Sid upset.

Sid now plans a tantric drama to threaten Aanya’s family about inauspicious marriage occasion.Aanya’s mother gets a little threatened with it, Sid is using this trick to postpone his marriage with Aanya.

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya sleeps in room and Abhi comes there wearing a Skelton costume.Pragya gets scared when ghost tells her that she is his love and he wants to get her.Pragya tries to wake up Abhi but does not find him there.Abhi then removes his mask and tease Pragya for getting sacred.

Apart from this, Abhi decorates house on Pragya’s birthday and Pragya holds table but she leaves the table when Abhi asks her that he can manages himself.

Abhi loses balances and Akash holds him in his arms.Rachna feels shy seeing Abhi in Akash’s arms.Abhi scolds Akash from holding him as he was thinks Pragya will save him.Party theme is red and black where Nikhil and Tanu will bring Pragya’s boyfriend spoiling Abhi’s plan to propose Pragya.

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