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Weekend Special: Love story of Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya

We have often heard stories of Bollywood and TV celebrities who end up falling in love with their co-stars. And, we thought same was the case with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Divyanka Tripathi (Ishita Bhalla) and Vivek Dahiya (ACP Abhishek). But, their love story certainly comes with a twist.

Take a walk with us as we reveal the love story of TV’s latest sweethearts – Divyanka & Vivek.

Bhopal lass Divyanka Tripathi entered the world of TV through the talent hunt show, ‘India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj’. She then went on to star in her first daily soap ‘Banoo Main Teri Dulhann’. With her first show itself, Divyanka became a household name in the country. And, on the sets of her first TV show, she met the first love of her life – her co-star Ssharad Malhotra.

Divyanka and Ssharad kept their relationship under wraps for a long time. The couple were together for nine years and everyone was speculating a marriage announcement to happen sometime in 2015. However, they called it quits in January 2015. And, this left Divyanka with a broken heart.

In an interview Divyanka revealed, “I would not blame him for everything. Actually, I do (laughs). But still, there are certain things which I believe even I was at fault… I used to be very busy. But still I always went out of my way and made time for his family, because I knew he was very close to his family. I was there for him at every hour. I would sleep for lesser hours, just to keep him happy. But the same didn’t apply on him.”

With her show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ climbing up the TRP charts, Divyanka took a while but got over her heartbreak with dignity. And, in an interview in August 2015, when she was asked about her views on an arranged marriage, she revealed, “I am open to everything right now whether love or arranged. The person should be good and I want to be loved. There should be equal reciprocation of love and warmth from him. No more one-sided love.” And, that is what she got!

Chandigarh-based lad, Vivek Dahiya holds a Master’s degree in International Business Management from De Montfort University, England. Before turning towards the glam world, Vivek worked in IT Park, Chandigarh. In 2011, after winning the Mr. Chandigarh title, he decided to take up a career in acting and moved to Mumbai.

Vivek’s first major brush with camera happened in 2015 with TV show ‘Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera’ on Star Plus. In May 2015, he entered Divyanka’s ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’.

Well, given what we usually know about love stories of TV co-stars, believing that it would have been love at first sight for these two would be quite logical. But, it was not so. There was no love at first sight. For months after Vivek’s entry on the show all that happened between him and Divyanka was the daily ‘hi’ and ‘bye’.

In an interview after their engagement, Divyanka revealed, “We barely have scenes with each other in Yeh Hai Mohabattein, so we hardly spoke to each other. We didn’t have each other’s phone number. Sirf ‘Hi’, ‘Bye’ tha hamare beech.” Hold your horses, we are getting to it. Didn’t we tell you the story has its twist and turns? So, this is how it finally happened, “One of the people associated with the show who felt that we had many common traits–we don’t party, drink, smoke–introduced us.” Yes, Divyanka & Vivek have what we can actually describe as an arranged-cum-love match.

In an interview to a leading daily, talking about their relationship, Vivek revealed, “It wasn’t love at first sight. It was an arranged match. We were introduced by a common friend who is also a fellow actor. Then we started looking at each other from a life partner’s perspective. We often met after work and eventually started understanding that we are very compatible and similar to each other and we can take it further.”

Can you guess who was their co-star friend who played cupid between the two? It was Divyanka aka Ishita’s on-screen brother-in-law Pankaj Bhatia, who plays Professor Bala Chandran on the show.

The moment Divyanka was sure that she was in love with Vivek, she told her parents. “They said that they want to meet him, err, scrutinise him. And then it was my turn. Wahi sandesha Vivek ke wahan se bhi aaya,” revealed Divyanka about her parents’ reaction. Talking about meeting Vivek’s parents, here’s what Divyanka has to say, “Do you know Vivek’s dad is a lawyer and I was asked a whole lot of questions for 3 hours? His parents were concerned if I could be a good homemaker since I am an actress.” But eventually things happened for the best, and they both were able to impress the other’s parents.

Talking about the proposal, Divyanka revealed in an interview, “He (Vivek) proposed to me on my birthday December 14, last year. We had gone to Bengaluru together to visit my family and it was the first time he was meeting my parents. Just before the cake cutting, I saw Vivek standing with this beautiful T-Shirt with ‘Marry Me Diyvanka’ written on it. He told me ‘you have everything, but you need somebody who will be committed to you for life. I promise I will never hurt you and keep you happy all your life’. He had a ring in his hand.”

Well, the surprise proposal literally left Divyanka speechless. Recounting the moment, Vivek said, “She was flabbergasted and speechless. I had to get an yes out of her. Since I was down on one knee, I asked her are you sure you want to marry me, will you marry me. She just went ‘a a a’ and I asked her is that a yes, and she said it is.”

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