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#SpoilerAlert: Dahleez and it’s Upcoming Twist

Dahleez: Adarsh burst out at Jilani family and says that they betrayed them, Adarsh asks policemen’s to give harsh punishment to Haider Jilani.

Swadheenta is in trauma knowing about his brother and Mamu stuck in terrorist case but couldn’t believe it.

Adarsh asks Swadheenta to stay away from Jilani family and never contact them again.Sinha family is going through hard times post Abhay ‘s death news and are trying hard to overcome it.Swadheenta now decides to take stand for her brother Asad and mamu Haider says they can’t be terrorist.

Swadheenta goes against Adarsh to support her family, brother this will bring differences amid Adarsh-Swadheenta.

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