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#SpoilerAlert: Dehleez and it’s upcoming twist

Dehleez S: Police declares Asad as third terrorist involved with others.

There police also catches Haider Jilani as a suspect of bringing bomb in the Sinha house.Police declares that Jilani family has terrorist connections and are behind this bomb blast plan.Adarsh’s family also blames Jilani ‘s for Abhay ‘s death and asks police to do whatever they want.Swadheenta is not ready to believe that her brother and mamu can be terrorist and is moved by what all happened.

Swadheenta recalls how Asad used to support her in every decision and can even go against others for her.Swadheenta now decides to look into this terrorist case to prove that Jilani family is not involved in all this.Adarsh-Swadheenta’s relationship will go through tough time because of this different opinions.

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