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Spoiler Alert: Kasam Tere Pyar Ki and Krishnadasi

Krishnadasi:  Pavitra and Nakku mix some medicine in mango juice and make Aradhya drinks it.After taking the juice, Aradhya behaves weirdly and feels some power herself.Aradhya is confused over her changing behavior where her voice gets changed too.Family members try to prove that an evil spirit has enters in Aradhya’s body so they should have to take Aradhya for treatment.Aryan supports Aradhya but later he refuses thinking he hates her.Situation gets more painful for Aradhya when she strangles her mother Tulsi and tries to kill her.

Will Aryan’s family plan gets successful to prove Aradhya mad?

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki:  Rano provokes Rishi to confess his love for Tanu in front of family because does not like Tnau also.Rano has hidden intension behind it but Rishi turns smarter than her and he record her confession in his phone.Rishi then proposes to Tanvi in front of all by telling that he wants to spend life together and wants to die with her.Rishi tells Tanvi that he cannot imagine his life without her because he loves her very much.Tanvi is completely shocked while Raj gets angry won Rshi and saps him.Rishi’s phone gets fall and Raj gets shocked hearing Rano’s confession over Rishi and Tanvi’s relationship.

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