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Spoiler Alert: Jamai Raja and Kumkum Bhagya

Jamai Raja:  Neil’s mami is not happy with Roshni and Neil’s alliance.Mami opens cylinder and fire catches in the kitchen when Roshni comes in the kitchen to cook something.Roshni starts coughing due to fire smoke and she gets also burnt.Siddharth makes a heroic entry in the kitchen and saves Roshni’s life.

Siddharth’s hand gets injured but he gets tensed when Roshni goes with Neil for her injury treatment.Fire drama will bring good time for Siddharth as family postponed Siddharth and Aanya’s engagement date.

Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu is not ready to accept her defeat soon and takes Nikhil’s help to win Abhi’s trust back.Tanu intentionally falls from stairs putting her baby life in risk and shout in pain.Abhi and Purab take Tanu in the hospital where doctor in form Tanu gets hurt.

Doctor tells Abhi as Tanu’s 7 month pregnant so he should have to take care of her more.Nurse gives medicine to Abhi for giving it to her time on time.Pragya is tensed seeing Abhi again trapped in Tanu’s plan.Abhi decides to get marry with Tanu saving his babyOn the other hand, Pragya sees Nikhil and Tanu celebrate of making Abhi fool again.Tanu tells Pragya that she cannot do anything because her baby is master key to get Abhi back.

On the other hand, Abhi blames himself for Tanu’s condition and thinks that he cannot punish that baby with Tanu so he decides to get married with Tanu soon ending all problems.


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