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#SpoilerAlert: Gaanga and it’s upcoming twist


In the upcoming episodes of &TV serial “Gangaa” it will be seen that Palash will try to stop Gangaa (Aditi Sharma) from gathering evidence that will save Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) from the murder charges.

Palash finds out that the house maid Mehri is the key witness in the case and Gangaa is all set to confront her and get her to save Sagar. He hires some men who threaten Mehri to leave the house and go back to her village.

When Ganga reaches the house to meet Mehri, she is left disappointed as Mehri would have already left. Palash tries to convince Gangaa not to give much importance to Mehri. However, Gangaa is not ready to give up and goes to look for Mehri along with Pulkit

In order to stop Gangaa and Pulkit from meeting Mehri, Palash will hire men to tamper with Pulkit’s car breaks. Gangaa and Pulkit’s would be in danger as the car breaks fail.

At the same time, Sagar will doubt that Palash is against him.

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