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Abhi to save Sarla from getting arrested in Kumkum Bhagya


While viewers of the show love the AbhiGya romance, it seems like they are in for some drama in the coming episodes. Tanu stole money from Pragya’s  room when she was busy romancing Abhi. She has kept the money in Sarla’s (Supriya Shukla) room so that both Pragya and she come across as thieves.

 She will blame Pragya for stealing money and also taunt her for involving her mother in the crime. Tanu will tell Abhi that Pragya is very money-minded, which is why she did not spare her mother as well. Sarla will take the blame as she does not want cops to arrest Pragya.

Abhi will then swing into action to save his mother-in-law. He will say that the thief is someone from the house and not his MIL. However, the cops will try to handcuff Sarla. Then, he will throw his weight around and say that he will call women’s and human rights organization to prevent the arrest. Hearing this, cops leave the Mehra home and Sarla is saved. Tanu gets very upset on Abhi for the same.

This incident will anger Pragya to no end and she will vow to expose Tanu before Abhi and the whole family.


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