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Spoiler Alert: Kasam and Krishndasi

Kasam: As Rishi waits for Neha with an attractive woman beside him to make her jealous, he gets a flash of the future, where Neha ruins their marriage.Savitri drags Bani into a room and tells her about her suspicion regarding Rishi’s feelings towards Tanu as he keeps staring at her all the time.

Krishndasi: Kumudini drugs Aradhya. When Aryan tries to reason things with Aradhya, she fights with him in an inebriated state. Later, under Kumudini’s influence, she believes Aryan attempted to rape her.Taking action on Aradhya’s complaint, the cops arrest Aryan and Shashwat. Pavitra wants to get them released, but Kumudini says that will only be possible if Aryan marries Aradhya.

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