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Spoiler Alert: Sasural Simar Ka, Kasam and Naagin

Spoiler Alert

Sasural Simar Ka: This week Prerna will tell Chandramani’s truth to the entire family. Mataji will ask Chandrami to leave the house but Chandramani will show all the wrong proof to Mataji and prove that Prerna is Simar’s friend. Sidhantha tries to kill Prerna but Mataji stops him and says they will use Prerna against Simar.

Kasam: Tanu’s falls sick before her engagement. Family will ask Tanu to cancel her engagement. But Tanu thinks about her father and says that she does not want her engagement to be postponed. Rishi comes and touches Tanu’s forehead and tells everyone that Tanu has high fever and her engagement should be postponed.

Naagin: This week the cat and mouse race for ‘nagmani’ will happen. Shesha and Yamini will get to know that the ‘nagmani’ is with Ritik and they will go to get the ‘nagmani’. A chase will begin and finally Ritik and Shivanya succeeds in saving the ‘nagmani’. Ritik’s father will also help them.

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