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Spoiler Alert: Krishndasi and Kasam

Spoiler Alert

Kasam: As the family tries to get Pawan and Tanu married in a hurry, Raj suspects something is wrong and looks into the matter. Manpreet and Rishi try to expose Pawan’s secret to Tanu.At night, Rishi tries to tell Tanu about Pawan’s girlfriend, but she refuses to believe him. While Tanu is busy washing clothes, Bani tells her that Pawan wants to take her to the mall for shopping.

Krishndasi: Aryan rushes Aradhya to the hospital. Alongside, Tulsi tells Mahant that Aradhya is his daughter and later accepts this in front of the panchayat.Pradyumn tells Tulsi that a DNA test will be conducted to prove that Mahant is Aradhya’s father. Alongside, Aradhya is pained to see her mother being subjected to such behaviour from Pradyumn.

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