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Pratyusha Death: Vikas Gupta’s open letter to Mumbai Mirror


Producer and channel head Vikas Gupta is a known name in the entertainment industry. Post Pratyusha Banerjee’s sudden demise, he has been very vocal about the actress losing her life due to foul play and not suicide. Vikas has written an open letter in response to the same and also uploaded pictures of Pratyusha before the cremation.

An Open Letter To Mumbai Mirror Sanyukta Iyer Mumbai Mirror

When Being Called Superman becomes an abuse . Journalism or Personal Attack
I was returning from office , I got a call from a journalist saying that Piyu has tried to commit suicide and is in kokilben hospital , like everyone i thought this to be a April fools joke . I immediately called her and heard a caller tune about leaving . i felt uneasy . i called a common friend to take her mums number and than messaged another friend saying hi and got a reply she is no more , in that split second i froze and knew it wasn’t an april fools joke . I called him and asked him to reach the hospital while i am on my way there and the messages started .
i informed a few close friends while i reached there and rushed to see Pratyusha , met Mac who went out to talk to Rahul , who had left the body and was on a call . i sat alone in one corner of the ward with her body , she was life less , but i was hoping she would get up any moment. i spoke to the doctor , who said whatever has to be spoken he has spoken to the family member and will wait only when the police comes will give any information , it doesn’t matter if you are friend , we r letting u sit here is a big deal . i wanted to speak to rahul but than i saw piyu lying there alone . i couldn’t move my body to leave her bedside , i was there for almost an hour with her alone although it seemed like that it was way more , this was pratyusha banerjee the girl who was the biggest face on indian television 2 years back . lying dead and no-one is here . her family is back home. the boy friend has dumped her body and said going to get her parents tickets done and run away . i looked at her face and realised it could be any of us . we all go through such perfect expectations out of our lives . it could have been me , i had just come out of a very disturbing phase and had almost contemplated ending it all but i had 2 people who i am grateful for the rest of my life to help m out of it . Pratyusha was no more and slowly the news travelled . people started pouring in .

Our common friends who were shooting were leaving their shoot and coming directly from there . than there were the ones who don’t even know her that came for reasons best known to them but some for publicity as the press was there while some out of curiosity and some had genuine concerns . a lot of people were there . its truly said in mumbai the life is so fast that we don’t have time for each other and sometimes a tragedy brings people together . Piyu did the same and as in the night we waited for the police to come , rahul to return , we spoke about her and what was she going through . we realised how selfish have we all been . we all knew she was in a bad relationship and yet none of us took charge and got her out of this . we go to know how she had tried to reach many of us for getting the right support or sometimes just to let the steam off , we discussed good and the bad times while waiting for rahul whose phone was switched off by than . in between we had celebs coming to see her body and video taping it secretly to calling her mom and recording the phone conversation which somehow reached the news channels and the country was now listening to cries of a wailing mother kudos . so i started directly talking to the mom and with the help of others booked their tickets . the news was flashing its a suicide , she was depressed , some really silly celebs went ahead and said she has borrowed 5 thousand rupees from her . it is this time we decided that 4 or 5 of us will talk to the media and say do no assume what has happened till the report comes out . There were lot of us but we decided to let the people who are faces that people know very well and people piyu was close to speak to counter the mini celebs spreading rumours . we wanted to do something but dint know what , we were all in shock .

we all went home as her body was taken to another hospital and the wait was for her parents to come tom , as i was trying to get sleep . i kept thinking what if it was me . in 2 weeks all this will get over people will move on and that will be the end of everything . i messaged one of the people who has helped me and said thank you but couldn’t sleep but somehow decided that what i was not able to do when piyu was alive i will do now . i will help on all possible ways to help her parents and get her to leave this world with dignity and not the way the people are wanting her to be remembered with all the fake testimonies from different people . she wasn’t a depressed broke actress as depicted who killed herself all over the media

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