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Spoiler Alert: Udaan, Kasam and Krishnadasi

Spoiler Alert

Udaan: Everyone is saddened when Chaor loses the race. Meanwhile, Vivaan is heartbroken when he learns that Tejaswini does not love him. Chakor stops Vivaan from drinking the milk.Sooraj apologises to Imli for asking her to dance in front of strangers. Chakor is stunned when she learns that Imli is in love with Sooraj and does not want to leave Azaadgunj.

Kasam: Rishi uses Neha to make Tanu jealous and succeeds in doing so when she sees them in bed together. Bani warns Tanu and tells her to stay away from Rishi.Tanu and Aahana have an argument with Neha and Swati when they call Aahana fat. Rishi plans to steal the blessed bowl of mehendi.

Krishnadasi: Pradyumn tricks Aradhya into leaving the house with him. Alongside, while Tulsi, Kumudini and Aryan are shopping, a collision with a truck severely injures Tulsi.Shashwat tells Aryan to check up on Aradhya but Pavitra tells him to return to Pune so he can resume his studies. Alongside, Munim and Markand trap Aradhya in a net.

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