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Spoiler Alert: Gangaa and Adhuri Kahani Hamari

Spoiler Alert

Gangaa: While Sagar keeps provoking Gangaa to feel the pain of their seperation, Ganga decides to move on. Madhvi tries to make Sagar see some sense and fulfil his duties as Janvi’s husband. Sagar creates a scene during the “Satyanarayan” Pooja. Everyone is aghast by his behaviour. Madhvi blames Gangaa for ruining Sagar’s life. Gangaa offers to leave the house but Pulkit stops her….

Adhuri Kahani Hamari: Krrish learns that Radhika is an “Icchadhari Naagin” .Radhika feels that their relationship will not have a happy ending. Krrish tells Radhika that he doesnt care who she is and accepts her. Preeti asks Krrish to come with her , not knowing that he is the real one. He follows her to the room , where Preeti tells him that the time has come to put their plan into action.

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