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Spoiler Alert: Kumkum Bhagya and Jamai Raja

Spoiler Alert

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi chases a goon sent by Aaliya. Meanwhile, Pragya records everything when Tanu confesses her fault in front of her and Ronnie. However, later, Tanu pretends to act as innocent in front of Abhi.Abhi tells Tanu to sleep and not to think about Ronnie. Later, Aaliya calls Tanu and asks her to come to her house as she has something interesting to show her. Abhi feels bad about Tanu’s condition.

Jamai Raja: Sid finds Ayesha gagged. He fights against the goons to rescue her. Shabnam releases her and runs away to Roshni. Later, Yash acts as if Roshni does not know the truth regarding him.Roshni slaps Yash. Later, Yash informs DD about the devastating accident involving Roshni and Sid. DD is eager to meet the two.

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