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Spoiler Alert: Udaan, Kasam and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Spoiler Alert

Udaan: Vivaan and Chakor play Holi with each other. Later, Sooraj tells Ranjana that he knows about her involvement in Manohar Uncle’s death. Imli happily plays Holi with Chakor. Later, the minister tells Bhaiyaji that he will receive enormous funds if Chakor participates in the race.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Helena comes back to her senses and tries to remember what happened to her after she had the drink. At that time, Sushim and Charumitra threaten her that they will kill Siamak. Siamak succeeds in proving himself innocent in front of Bindusara. Ashoka gets to know about the blacksmith who made weapons for the forces which killed Chanakya.

Kasam: Tanu becomes angry when she overhears Manpreet telling Nishi that Rishi can get any girl by flirting with them. Later, Rishi seems confused when Tanu acts passive aggressive with him. Rishi lands up in Bani’s room instead of Tanu’s and she starts showing him her saris. Later, when Tanu tries to get a box of flour from the shelf, Rishi helps her, but it falls on his head.

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