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Vivek Dahiya ask media not to identify as ‘Divyanka’s fiance’


Ever since Vivek Dahiya got engaged to Divyanka Tripathi, he has been showered with immense media attention. He has been giving interviews with Divyanka and also doing many solo interviews.

But now Vivek thinks that he should be identified as Vivek Dahiya, the actor and not Divyanka’s fiancé.” Suddenly, Divyanka and Vivek have stopped giving interviews together.Even in parties and events they go together but give separate interviews.

Recently Vivek also told one of the media reporter not to connect him with Divyanka in interviews and stories.

One of the source from the set informs “It was a conscious decision taken by both of them as Vivek needs to build his career and take it forward and for this he needs to build his separate identity.”

It will be really interesting to see if Vivek succeeds in coming out of Divyanka’s shadow anytime soon.

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