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#SpoilerAlert: Thapki…Pyaar Ki and it’s upcoming twist

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Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Thapki…Pyaar Ki

As per the current track, Shraddha plans to humiliate Thapki. Aditi notices Diwakar editing his photos to make himself look muscular. She replaces the edited photos with the real ones and sends them to the agency.Instead of making a permanent mark on Thapki’s wrist, Shraddha makes the mark on her forehead and cheeks. She shows them to Vasu who suggest her to wear a cap.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes,Shraddha will  pretend to have a cold and will cover the marks by wearing a cap. Bihaan will find this out and will click a photo.Later, He will show it to Thapki who deletes it. Thapki will give Shraddha a lotion to remove the marks on her face. Vasu will allow Bihaan and Thapki to be a part of the party being celebrated in Pandey Niwas only if she agrees to work as a maid.

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