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I came into BCL because of Mrunal Jain: Aarti Singh


Actress Aarti Singh and Mrunal Jain has great bonding and she is even in his team Ahmedabad Express co-owned by Nandish Sandhu. Aarti Singh has also worked with Mrunal in Uttaran where he was the main lead.

Aarti says, ” Mrunal was the first person with whom I became friends with in Uttran. He is such a nice guy. I just love him and trust him to the core . I came into Bcl because of Mrunal. He brought me in the team. Me, Tinaa Dattaa and Mrunal are very good friends and being girls we are little dominating also. But he loves us so much that he takes our stupidity also without complaining and as a co star also he is amazing. He is very focused on his work.

Mrunal adds, “I know Aarti when she was doing Parichay and I was doing Bandhini but we were just generally social. Our bond developed when we both were doing Uttaran. We are always feel connected when we talk and we can talk anything under the sun. .She is very hard-working and talented actress..She doesn’t like double faced people. Aarti was the first whom I have taken in Ahmedabad express.I have told her that she will play for my team and without asking nor reading she just asked me that where she has to sign. That’s called the true level of trust. It’s very important to have right support in life and career.

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