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Don’t Drink and Drive: Gaurav Sharma


Actor Gaurav Sharma who is currently  seen in Total Naadaniyan (big magic) and Dream Girl  (life OK) was  caught in a case of drunken driving on Wednesday night. A source spotted him on Borivali court on Thursday morning. We called him and he opened up. he said, “”I was partying in Malad with my friends.After that I left for Lokhandvala to meet another set of friends.I was drunk and I was driving my car because my driver had left for the day. When I reached Infinity mall (Malad)  some cops stopped me and they took my licence and the keys of my car as I was smelling of alcohol.Then they took me to the Bangur Nagar police station and drinking test was done. I was in police station till 5.30 am. I was told to report to Borivali court for my drunk and drive case”.

He further adds, “I drank almost after a month and this New Year also I didn’t drink because I am focusing on my diet and fitness. But I gave in to my friends who were in party mood”. On being asked what did you learn out of the whole incident he says, “One needs to be careful. One small mistake can cause so much of trauma. I have taken a vow I will from next time wont drink if I am driving on my own. It was wrong on my part to drink and drive. I have paid on the spot fine as well as fine in the court and luckily I got the bail but would have a hearing in the court again later. I got my car and license back. I traveled by auto in the morning to the court.  I as a bachelor should have been more careful and responsible. We talk of youth being irresponsible but I ended up doing the same but have learnt my lesson. Dont drink and drive is al lwhat I want to say!

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