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A show like Siya Ke Ram chose me: Grusha Kapoor


Grusha Kapoor, who was last seen on television in Kehta Hai Dil, is now back in action with Nikhil Sinha’s Siya Ke Ram. Speaking about her comeback she says, “I wasn’t left with any excuse not to do Siya Ke Ram. Kaikeyi is one of the most important characters of Ramayan. After Ram, Sita and Raavan, Kaikeyi is the most fascinating. A show like Siya Ke Ram chose me.”

The actress says that she is not into watching too many mythological shows. “But I read a lot. There wasn’t much to prepare because everyone knows about Kaikeyi. My job is to build a graph in this show because the character is not totally negative. In fact I found out Kaikeyi loved Ram more than Kaushalya did. I did my research and found out that Kaikeyi was from Ukraine. So I feel like I’m Ukrainian now.”

She has to wear a lot of jewellery to get into that regal look. “It can be uncomfortable at times, but I’m enjoying it because its my first mythological. The language is tough but my father is from Madhya Pradesh and mother from Uttar Pradesh. So that kind of shudh Hindi is ingrained in me. It is not as tough as I had imagined.”

Grusha feels the industry has changed vastly since her Kehta Hai Dil days. “Now everything is over the top, which I think works in a way because people want to see something that’s different from their own lives. The seriousness that TV had has ended. We used to take shows personally and connect with characters. Shows like Tamas and Kabir used to affect the society, now people want to make shows grand. But they should also connect with the audience.” Siya Ke ram is generating lot of positive feedback. Producer Nikhil Sinha hasn’t left any stone unturned to make it larger than life.

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