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Why Shashank Vyas adores King Khan!


Popular actor Shashank Vyas is a huge admirer of Shahrukh Khan. Commenting on that Shashank says,”I like his energy level. He has earned a lot of popularity and recognition  by his own talent and performance. Without have any Bollywood background today he is a super star. His hardwork has paid him off. He has achieved everything by his own and he is very passionate about his work.”

Shashank also consider Shahrukh as his inspiration. He adds,”I grew up watching Shahrukh Khan’s films, the most interesting part of his acting is he gives his energy in his role and take that to a different level.”

Shashank has seen Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge more than ten times and few of his favourites are Chak De India, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. Recently one of Shashank’s fan posted a picture of him and Shahrukh’s together in one frame. “Its a good gesture from a fan’s side. Too early for me to get compared with Shahrukh Khan, but yes I feel honoured.”

Shashank hopes to meet Badshah one day. And talking about his plans on films he tells,”Yes I would like to do films, I would do a realistic and socially relevant topic when it comes to movies.” Shashan kadds, “Shahrukh Khan turned 50 and yet he is so energetic and his films are awaited. His zeal and enthusiasm are unparalleled. He has the charisma and art to win hearts. He is blessed and perfect”

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