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Rishina Kandhari turns Circus owner!


TV actress Rishina Kandhari who was last seen in Tashn-E-Ishq  as a fashionista who was a spoilt brat will be now seen in TV show Udaan.

Rishina Says,”My character name is Vishaka and she is the owner of Rainbow circus. .She is very stubborn,straight forward and positive person but very strict when comes to her work.She doesn’t show emotions and do the thing that is good for her circus.  Her circus business is shown to be in losses so she   wants to be practical all the time and removes people who are worthless. Chakor ( Spandan Chaturvedi) is hiding in the circus when Vishaka comes to know she tells her whosoever earns for the circus can eat (Jo kamayega woh khayega) and wants her to do some work in circus. I wanted to this role because it relates to me.I have learn gymnastic and acrobats and my role Vishaka knows gymnastic and acrobats so I think I would be able to use that. I have grown up watching Circus show which starred Shahrukh Khan and always wanted to do such a show. I have started doing scenes with  horses, jokers, circus dogs (Pomerians), acryobats, Hulahoop. The ambiance is very colorful unlike a typical daily soap. I had never thought I would get such an experience in circus set up in the age of saas bahu sagas.  In childhood I used to to circus with family. Its feels nostalgic to do such a role”.

On being asked how is shooting with Spandan Chaturvedi Rishina says, “It’s first time I am shooting with a girl and one gets to learn so many things just by observing” On being asked what preparation she did she says, “I googled about circus and saw videos too on how circus people act and react”

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