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TV folks talk about their Diwali plans and noise free Diwali!


Mohammad Nazim: I do agree that we should have a noise free Diwal.I stop bursting crackers.So I request everyone not to burst crackers that harms old people,animals and our environment.I haven’t planned anything yet. I would probably celebrate Diwali with my friends.I do clean my house and buy new things fr my house and gifts for my family and friends.

Ssharad Malhotraa: I do believe in noise free and eco friendly Diwali.Mumbai already suffers from noise and air pollution.So we as a good citizen should take care of our environment.Like every year this year too I am looking forward to buy something for the house, may be an artifact, a painting, cutlery, piece of furniture or I may even gift myself the latest gadget available  in the market. Last year I bought some gold as markets were on a high and it was the best to time invest. May Goddess Laxmi’s  blessings be always  there with me and my dear ones. She has blessed me in abundance and please continue doing so.

Ravi Dubey: I do support noise free Diwali .I used to burst crackers when I was a kid but now I have stopped bursting crackers  because it harms our environment. We are spending this Diwali with our family as usual. I especially like this festival as everyone takes time out of their busy schedule and meet family and friends to socialize. I buy silver or gold coins every year. This year I will do the same.

Rashami Desai: I belive in noise free and eco friendly Diwali.Why to waste time on crackers? So many accidents happens because of crackers and it causes noise pollution as well.I don’t have specific palns for Diwali.My mother, sister-in-law and I cook delicious sweets and other Diwali snacks together. We all sit for puja together and enjoy decorating the house.

Gunjan Utreja: I will be celebrating Diwali with my entire family in Chandigarh. The rituals remain the same, puja, mithai and music. This year I am supporting a cause of “cracker-free diwali” and I am also promoting an NGO which is selling diyas and other decorations. The NGO supports women education. I would request people not to waste money on crackers and instead light up someone’s life. Our family is not into gifts for occasions. God has been very kind to us in blessing us with more than what we need. As a family we will support education of five more girls till college

Vivian Dsena: I celebrate every festival with my family. Basically, every festival is family time. My wife and I enjoy decorating our house and prepare for Laxmi puja. Every year I gift something to my wife or buy something for my parents. I pray to the Goddess to keep us all blessed.I want to say everyone that we should believe in noise free Diwali.The crackers not only create pollution they also disturb our peace and that of the animals too.Dangerous cracker burning should be banned  and only small ones should be used.

Arjun Bijlani: I believe in noise free and eco-friendly Diwali.I don’t burst crackers.So I would request others also not to burst crackers.I will buy gold things,diyas,candles and new clothes for my wife and son.

Gaurav S.  Bajaj: I do believe in noise free Diwali.I used to burst crackers but now I don’t burst crackers because it harms our environment.Old people and animals suffer because of noise.I will celebrate Diwali with my family and friends.I will buy new things for my house and my family.

Adaa Khan: Diwali is a festival of lights and not noise.I believe in noise free Diwali  because animals,old people and people who have heart problems they suffer a lot in Diwali.I request people to have a noise free Diwali.I do cleaning before any festival because it is a must to clean our house.I don’t know how to play cards but I go for card parties.I am going to celebrate Diwali with my friends and seniors.

Ajay Chaudhary: I do agree that we should have noise free Diwali.It creates noise and air pollution which is not good for our health and environment.Animals like dogs get scared when they hear the noise.Even old people suffers because of crackers.I will celebrate Diwali with my family and friends.I will buy gifts or my house and family.

Mrunal Jain: It should be eco-friendly and noise free Diwali.It becomes difficult to breathe after Diwali.The festival is all about life,light,happiness and triumph of the good.So we should keep that in mind and should not do any harm to our environment.Instead of spreading pollution we should spread happiness.I will buy new clothes for my family.I will buy chocolates for my friends and I will be doing
Lakshmi puja at my house.

Aishwarya Sakuja: I do support noise free Diwali.Every year in Diwali because of crackers there are noise and air pollution.Old people and animals suffer because of crackers.I request everyone not to  burn crackers and please let this festival be a beautiful festival.I don’t have any Diwali plans because I will be in Argentina this Diwali.This is my first Diwali after my marriage.I clean my house everyday.I don’t play cards but I love watching people playing cards.

Romit Raj: We should be a responsible citizen and should take care of noise levels. I don’t spend money on crackers and I donate some amount to NGO. This Diwali I will be celebrating with my “Chalti Ka Naam Gadi” team and I will do puja at my home.Decorations and cleaning have already started.

Amit Tandon: I support noise free Diwali.Mumbai suffers from pollution and noise so I think both should be limited.I do play cards,enjoy food and good music.I go for shopping to buy new things for my family and my house.

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