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I love swimming : Pooja Banerjee

Actress Pooja Banerjee whom we have seen in shows like Ek Doosre Se Karte Pyar Hum and Hatim is now playing the lead in the newly launched show Swim Team on channel V. Pooja who is a national level swimmer is playing an aspiring swimmer in the show.

Talking about her new show Pooja says,”People in the industry are aware of my talent in swimming and I was not surprised when I got the offer. I was very happy to know that a show can be made on the theme of swimming. I also took some time to sign the show as the show is about something which has been my passion since a very early age.I love swimming.  We had a detailed discussion on the swimsuit because obviously I won’t be wearing Ghagra Choli inside the pool. And I am also someone who is not here for a skin show. I told the creative team to make me look like a sportsperson that is more important for me.”Pooja also adds,”

What makes me even more happy is that the creative team also takes my input for the show. There are certain lingo in swimming which a swimmer will only know. The names of the strokes and certain way of saying things I am only aware. And what I like is the director is also very nice and he also keeps asking me about my inputs. Whenever I am not around he will look for me.” Pooja feels that in the last few years she has really explored herself. She adds,”From a tom boy bahu to a warrior to an aspirant swimmer, I am blessed to play such roles.”

Pooja is playing Rewa whose father was a sportsman and due to some problem he committed suicide and Rewa’s mother doesn’t want her to pursue swimming as her career.

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