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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu and Udaan

Spoiler Alert

Balika Vadhu: Sarita has prepared a Dish and Puja asks if she can keep some aside for Mannu as he likes dish. Sarita tells her that she will pack it in a container for him. Puja is happy and heads to get ready to meet Mannu. Ganga has finished the operation and sits in her cabin looking up a file when the nurse who came to her earlier tells her that no more operations are lined up for the day and she can leave for the Badi Haveli. Ganga looks at a picture of Jagya with tears in eyes . She tries the duppatta and checks herself in the mirror and sees Mannu there who makes a funny face rejecting it. She tries on another one and mannu does the same. But the next duppata is approved by Mannu. She gets a coy smile and turns around and sees that Mannu isn’t there for Mannu was in her imagination .

Udaan: The hygiene inspection is underway., the whole class unifies to bully Chakor and Chakor finds out she has a new hurdle to cross, she cannot come to School without tying the hair in proper braids, she has no clue how would she and there’s apparently no one to help her with it in the Haweli…Chakor has come to Dadi in the nick of time when the nurse is about to remove the tubes that are mandatory for Dadi’s survival. She takes it as the Nurse’s sheer dumbness. Dadi is safe now. Chakor narrates her whole day tale to Dadi and goes to do the house hold work…

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