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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu, Udaan and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Spoiler Alert

Balika Vadhu: At Shiv Niketan Anandi and Kalyani are with the school girls asking if they have any problem with the functioning . A girl named Kavita gets up and complains about the problems they face in the canteen with regards to food and other stuff. Anandi is breaking some bear from the tree as she falls and shouts out “Oh My Leg “.. Anandi is holding Nandini’s snap in her hand when all of  a sudden the frame falls and she is hurt with a pin. Drops of blood from her fingers fall on Nandini’s snap. Nimboli is with Mangla as she asks her why whenever i gets hurt i remember my mother.. Mangla tries and make her understand that it happens with everyone as a mother is the most scared and caring person in one’ s life..

Udaan: Chakor’s shoes has been taken. Imli’s unique selling is interrupted as Prince and Suraj prove she stole the items. She is trying to get Chakor’s stole shoes when her money bank is taken. Imli breaks down at the torture. Chakor finds out her shoes are missing. She decides to go to the school without the shoes when she sees Imli getting bullied by Suraj and his gang. Fiercely she comes to Imli’s rescue but ends up hurting her own thumb . Little Imli does the dressing of Chakor’s thumb in Kasturi style. Sheru sir retrieves Chakor’s shoes in the nick of time. imli gets into a cute brawl with the gatekeeper at the school. With muddy shoes and muddy, clumsily pasted notebook she makes an entry in the school. Today’s battle is half won. Only Chakor has done the homework, but to everyone’s fortune the teacher has forgotten about the assignment..

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Ashoka saw a dream in which he saw his mother who is asking him to follow her and then he sees a set of beautiful flowers and butterflies.  Ashoka follows the butterflies and shouts loudly Maa as he sees his mother but then he wakes up from his dream wondering why did he gets such a dream. Radhagupta informs Chanakya that few foreigners have entered the palace which can be a new plan of Helena against Bindusara. Helena meets her father Nicator to move further with their plan. On the other side Ashoka is sitting with his mother’s things and getting emotional and suddenly he sees the same butterfly that had come in his dream and is shocked and has a hope that his dreams might come true. Chanakya is coming towards Helena’s room where she is discussing her plan with Nicator saying that she will keep a proposal in front of Rajraj to get his daughter married to Justin….

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