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Sandeep Anand’s luggage nightmare!

Sandeep Anand

Actor Sandeep Anand, who plays Betal in the new historical comedy show “Betal Aur Sinhasan Battisi”, lost his belongings during his recent visit to Varanasi.

While on his way to promote the show, Sandeep experienced a hiccup once he landed in the city and found that his luggage had gone missing. However, he was lucky that his costume of Betaal was found safe and intact with his make-up artist.Sandeep went about his job and later visited a local market to pick up some clothes which he could use till he got back his suitcase from the airline staff.

“It was an unforgettable experience as this happened with me for the very first time. I was a bit worried not to find my luggage but soon everything was okay once I went to the local market to pick up some traditional clothing which help me fit the part in Varanasi. My luggage traveleldmore than me. It wemt from Mumbai to Banaras then Banaras to Delhi, Delhi to Lucknow and finally to my hotel in lucknow”

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