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Amba to ask RV to divorce Ishani post Zaveri’s funeral In Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

Meri Ashiqui Tum Se Hi

Gear up for high voltage drama in the coming episodes of Colors’ Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi (Balaji Telefilms).

As per the current track, Ranveer is shocked to know that it was Baa who had complained about Kailash and Amba. Ranveer requests the inspector to let him meet his parents and the inspector allows him. Ranveer meets his parents and Amba tells him, that it is because of Ishani that their peace has been ruined. There at home, Phalguni admonishes Baa for having dragged Amba and Kailash into a false police case.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ritika will breakdown on her father’s death. Ritika will tell RV that Sharman has left her alone, she is pregnant and is alone and hopeless now from life..Baa will come to know why Ishani took her side but Ishani will give her back saying she doesn’t owe her any reason.

Ishani will tell Baa that she saved the day for her so she should have been happy for that favour and do not ask anything. Here, Police at the Ghaat will get some proofs .. Devarsh will come and will ask  Ishani what she is up to but Ishani will not tell him anything. Devarsh then will  inform her about Zaveri’s death ,hearing this Ishani will get shocked and without listening why Sharman and Ritika broke the wedding will rush to the funeral.

RV and all will also be at the funeral, they all are shocked .. Ishani will also reach there . RV will get Ritika home and Amba will be happy seeing this…. Amba will tell RV to divorce Ishani else like Zaveri they will also die, but RV will go and take Ishani along with him…

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