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[Poll]: Vote For Most Popular Actress On Indian TV

Most Popular Actress

Voting Till 6th March’15…

4 thoughts on “[Poll]: Vote For Most Popular Actress On Indian TV

  1. Strange,how sometime back I was the one who mocked my friends for being such a fanatic, now that ‘m a die hard Harshitain,I know the feels! 😛
    Harshita Gaur, whoever wins the poll,I love you to the moon and back,you are my girl crush.I love your eyes,your hair,your smile,your antics in short everything about you.You are phenomenon as Sanyukta,no one could have pulled out Sanyukta’s character so effortlessly, best part about your character is that I find it rational,her passion for dreams,her unconditional love for her beloved, and lastly her manipulative tactics is something quite what I possess too. 🙂
    Sadda haq is amazing,the only hindi television series that have me hooked to it,I love the entire cast and crew, you’ve exceptional chemistry with Param on-screen as well as off-screen as Sandhir and Parsh!
    Stay blessed and happy! 🙂

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