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Alvira to accept all her mis-deeds In Humsafars


Humsafars: Sahir questions Bikram about what is he doing and now he’s clear that he is involved with in all this planning. Bikram Singh tell Sahir that you need to get proof before you go any further. Meanwhile, Anam handovers the file to Aarzoo in which all the proofs and tells her to give it to Sahir. Anam goes to get the last proof through which she can proof that Bikram singh and Zeenat is involved in everything but Bikram comes in between and drags her somewhere. Aarzoo gives the files to Sahir and Sahir get shocked as inside that there is Zeenat’s father will, and seeing that it gets clear to him who is doing what.Sahir goes out and questions Alvira about everything she has been doing in front of everyone and finally Alvira accepts that she was trying to kill Zeenat..

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