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Vaishnaviji To Escape From Fake Roli’s Hand In Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka

Colors’ popular show Sasural Simar Ka is grabbing many eyeballs with its twists and turns created in the show.

As per the on going track, Simar realizes that Roli has reached the house of Vaishnaviji and starts to panic. On the other hand, Vaishnaviji asks Rolli to let her pray to Maa Durga once before she dies. Meanwhile, Mataji asks Amar and Simar to rush to Vaishnaviji’s house and save her.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, fake Roli will start walking towards Vaishnavi and Vaishnaviji has bhasm in her hand and she will tell Roli that her mistake was to come finding her and will throw bhasm in fake Roli’s eyes which will leave her in pain..

Here at Bhardwaj house, from Matarani’s idol a flower will fall on Mataji who will understand that things are safe now. Vaishnavi will about to hit fake Roli but Simar will stop her and will make Vaishnavi leave..Shruti and Sid will bump into each other leading to an argument between them where after a point Shruti will lost in her thoughts (Where she sees  flashes of Sid ) and will faint.

Jatin and Sushma will get tensed and will ask Sid to help them to take her in room..Mataji will suggest of calling the Doctor but Jatin and Sushma will refuse..

Here as Sid is about to leave his finger will intertwined with Shruti’ which the family will notice aswell. Amar will tell Simar that she should leave with Vaishnavi and he will face the fake Roli.. But Simar somehow will manage to convince Amar..

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