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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu & Udaan

Spoiler Alert

Balika Vadhu: Kalyani and the team get awarded for the play. The audience applaud for the same ..Kalyani and the team are happy.. Ira and Meenu tell Anandi that she should not worry as they will prepare the food for the family members ..They tell Anandi that she must take care of herself.. At the Jaitsar hospital the goons keep an eye at Ganga as she is busy treating the patients..Alok and Daddu are busy playing with the twins at Kesar Bagh.. Anoop comes down the stairs. He tells the twins that your real daddu has came. Alok feels bad about the same ..He walks out. At Kesar Bagh Daddu and Alok are together with the twins. Alok tells Daddu that he has decided he will shift to Singapore soon as his staying here only will add to the problem in the house .. Daddu tells Alok that if he doesn’t mind he too will come along with him.. Anandi comes in ..she tells that they must not leave and stay back at Kesar Bagh..

Udaan:  Chakor has some cute endearing moments with Sheru as she unaffected comes back to her crib in the cowshed. A vicious Ranjana seemingly mixes a food item Tejaswani is allergic to into her food .Tejaswani gets a strong pain attack , she is in utter pain.  Chakor gets a flash of her Dadi going through exactly the same pain aand it was merely a gas problem. She offers to go to the village when Ranjana cunningly asks to send someone to inform Bhaiyaji .. Kamal is surprised to see Chakor has come back to the house, but she discloses she is only here to fetch medicines. Kamal is perturbed to know Tejaswani ia unwell but Chakor assures him  that her mother’s medicine will make the pain go away , Kamal stays back. Here Ranjana has convinced everyone that the pain might be heart attack too and the doctor has confirmed too…

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