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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu & Udaan

Spoiler Alert

Balika Vadhu: The Jaitsar, Kesar Bagh & The Kabra family unite for the Naam Karan ceremony of the twins. At Jaitsar the play constume are torn into pieces. Kalyani and her friends are shocked to find out that their costumes are torn into pieces. Kalyani and the group members are shattered as the  the emcee announces that they are to perform next on stage.

Udaan: Kamal gets up abruptly and dresses in the disguise of a villager as Tejaswani is peacefully sleeping, the plan is obvious. He is sneaking out when the guard catches him and gruffly scolds him as he couldn’t recognize it’s Kamal . Chakor comes to Kamal and they both leave for the village, we see Ranjana has seen them. The villagers are taken aback to see Kamal has actually come to the village to spend night.Ranjana goes to Ishwar to report this as it’s violation of model code of conduct for  candidates to influence voters right before the election. We show Kamal’s discomfort to the ways of the village as his struggle to spend the night in the village starts. And just then Ishwar comes with Ranjana announcing he will have to cancel Kamal’s candidature on grounds of  violation of model code of conduct, but Chakor saves the night again as she says he is here as our guest….

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