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Spoiler Alert: Tu Mera Hero & Everest

Spoiler Alert

Tu Mera Hero: Titu and Panchi try to avoid letting their families meet, but their confrontation still happens when both families come face to face at Rachna’s engagement function. What will happen next?

Everest: Roongta and Arjun get into an argument as Roongta tries to pressurize him to make sure that he summits. An angry Abhyankar clarifies it once and for all to Roongta that it is a rescue mission only and not an Everest expedition. Vidhaan’s words resonate in Jagat’s ears as he walks back home. Shikha snaps awake from a bad dream and asks Seema to switch on the TV and is only relieved after he hears the news that the rescue team is doing well. The team ropes up and as it moves ahead, suddenly Chand’s eyes open wide in alarm and he asks Arjun not to move an inch as he stands on a block of hardened ice which is cracking. As he slowly tries to move away the crack gives way and to everyone’s horror the crevasse opens up. Arjun falls in it taking all the others who are tethered together, Abhyankar the only one managing to stop just at the edge. Though Abhyankar tries to pull everyone up but the weight of 6 people is too much to handle. To ensure that his team is save, Chand who is at the bottom decides to cut his rope and sacrifice his life and just then Anjali shouts out to him to STOP!!!

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