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Shastriji To Suffer A Heart Attack In Shastri Sisters

Shastri Sisters

Colors’ Shastri Sisters is grabbing many eyeballs with its twists and turns created in the show.

As per the on going track, the Lohri celebrations start at the Sareen House and all the relatives and friends gather. Everybody is happy with the proceedings except for Minty. During the function, Neel is always near Deviyani as he has decided to propose to Deviyani that night. Suddenly while dancing, Deviyani twists her ankle and Neel takes her inside, to give her first aid.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Shastri will tell his daughters to go back home to do last minute preparation for Anu’s Bidaai.Rajat will take away Anu from crowded place and will show mangalsutra to Anu which is now fixed.. He will apologize for his behaviour in past.

Minty will tell Dolly that she will not let Anu enter their house but Minty will see Rajat and Anu together where Rajat is promising Anu that he will never leave her no matter what.Shastri want’s to talk to Minty as he has not seen Minty happy at all. Shastri ji will be tensed for his daughter future. Shastri will ask Minty if she is not happy. Minty will losses her temper. Minty and Shastri will get into confrontation.

All family members will gathered there. Minty and Shastri’s confrontation will cross all the boundaries and Shatriji will announce that he is breaking the marriage which has no significance and will say that in a month time he will get his daughter married to better family and boy.

With this all will get shocked, Shastriji will get heart attack and all will rush to the hospital.

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