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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu & Udaan

Spoiler Alert

Balika Vadhu: Shiv reaches the Udaipur wedding. He meets Rajeev. Rajeev gives Shiv info about the hidden terrorist. The terrorist decides to step down from the room to grab a bite, to see around and figure the security system. Shiv speaks on the phone with Anandi . His eyes fall on the terrorist but he is unable to recollect the image shown by Rajeev. The terrorist pagdi (Turban) falls and his face is revealed. The terrorist throws bomb at Shiv, Rajeev and cops.. Shiv and Rajeev fall on the ground…

Udaan: Arjun has revealed his agenda of coming to Azadgunj to Vivaan. And just then they find out Bhaiyaji has gone to the cowshed area (Where Chakor Is). Vivaan interrupts Chakor midway as she starts to talk about how she knows “Arjun Sir”, managing the situation and runs off. Here Bhaiyaji panics as he comes to know Arjun is coming to the cowshed area, seeing no choice as there’ no one in vicinity resorts to opening Chakor’s shackles himself. As he bends down to open Chakor’s shackles all the family members and servants arrive and witness this symbolic moment. Arjun who has seen the bedis right next to Chakor’s tells Kamal he wants to know the truth from Chakor , we see Kamal and those on his team watch paranoid as Vivaan watches happily.. Arjun comes out and surprises Kalam and team by saying Chakor told me she’s taken good care of in the haweli ,i am convinced…

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