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Spoiler Alert: Nisha Aur Uske Cousins & Everest

Spoiler Alert

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins: Viraj is shocked when he comes to know that Shekhar has been the back stabber, he thanks Nisha and the cousins for exposing Shekhar. Nisha is heartbroken when she comes to know that Viraj loves someone else.

Everest:Abhyankar and all the sherpas keep motivating Nima to get up and cross the crevasse but he is completely frozen there. Roongta’s patience is running out as no contact is established. Finally Abhyankar walkies and the team at the base camp is relieved after talking to him. Sarita calls to talk to Anjali but Khanna tells her that he will ask her to call back as she is not around. Nima slowly tries to cross the ladder-bridge but another violent shake cuts loose the ladder from one end and Nima falls into the crevasse. They all shout to get a response from Nima but moments later Pasang sees a streak of blood on the wall and there fears come true, Nima is dead. The team is devastated as Abhyankar updates Khanna about the loss of Nima. Anjali breaksdown when she hears about Nima’s death from Aakaash. A concerned Khanna wonders and asks Abhyankar if under these circumstances if the team is going to move ahead. Fearing that the mission will abort Roongta argues with Khanna and tells him not to de-motivate the team.

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